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About Naila Janjgir

Naila Janjgir is a prominent municipality town of Janjgir Champa District in Chhattisgarh state. Naila and Janjgir are essentially two different towns that have been combined together for efficient administrative purposes. Both these towns are located just 4 kms away from each other. While Naila is an upcoming urban town, Janjgir on other hand is District Headquarter of Jangir Champa District. To help you know more about this town below we’ve covered different aspects of this town in a very comprehensive yet brief way. Our comprehensive yet brief information will surely help all readers in getting better grasp and understanding of this town.

About Naila Janjgir
Shri Siddh Nahariya Baba Temple in Naila Janjgir

Administration in Naila-Janjgir

Naila Jangir is an municipality town. All civic responsibilities of this town is entrusted on local municipality body, popularly known as Naila Janjgir Muncipality. The muncipality completely ensure that all basic civic amenities like water is supplied to all the households. Besides, other important civic responsibilities that it takes care of are maintenance of drainage/sewage, maintenance of street lights and providing health amenities during epidemic situation. Talking about administration, then Naila Jangir municipality is divided into 21 wards. Elections for these 32 wards are held once in every 5 years.

Economy of Naila Janjgir

Although Naila Jangir is most urbanized town of Jangir Champa District, but this hasn’t reduced importance of agriculture in its local economy. If anything agriculture continues to play a very central role. If anyone needs any reaffirmation about this, then all one needs to know is that Jangir Champa District is the most agriculturally prosperous district of Chhattisgarh state. This also explains why there are ample numbers of Rice flour mills and other types of agro based industries in and around Naila Jangir town. Besides, Naila Jangir’s direct contribution in food grain production and over all agricultural production is also pretty substantial.

Industrial sector also has a very important role to play in Naila Jangir’s local economy. There are ample number of large scale industries operating in adjoining towns like Champa and Akaltara. Besides, there are ample number of small scale factories operating in Naila Jangir area. All these factories and industries generate huge number of employment for locals of Naila Jangir. And we must also mention to you that in near future Jangir Champa District will be at the forefront of booming power industry. Chhattisgarh state government has already signed MOU’s with 34 power companies to set 52 power plants in different parts of the district. When this proposed power plants do come up it will surely have a positive impact on local economy of Naila Jangir too.

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Healthcare Services in Naila Janjgir

Being the most urbanized and developed town of Jangir Champa District, Naila Jangir town obviously does not have any dearth of well equipped hospitals. Although number of well equipped hospitals is not really high, but there are certainly decent number of them operating in this town. Their decent presence ensures that thousands of local patients are treated in their own home town and don’t have to inconveniently go to other prominent cities like Raipur and Bilaspur for reliable medical treatment. If only few more well equipped hospitals are added in near future, then situation will become even more better for all local patients here. Besides, this town also needs an advanced multi specialty hospital. As for more basic services like chemist shops and general clinics, then they too are present in more than decent numbers. Their more than decent presence obviously has proven to be major boon for local healthcare services here.

M.D. Modi Memorial Hospital
Address: Janjgir Ho, Janjgir Champa, 495668
Phone no: +(91)-9300838000

Champa Christian Hospital
Address: Champa, Janjgir Champa – 495671
Phone no: +(91)-9425541378

Tourism in Naila Janjgir

Vishnu Mandir: This historical and immensely famous temple is located very near to Jangir town. This 12th century temple boosts a pretty unique and distinctive architecture, which makes it pretty worth witnessing. Besides, unlike most other historical monuments this temple has been pretty well maintained. Hence despite being centuries old you can even today witness its beauty and architectural distinctness in all its glory. Apart from Vishnu Mandir, there are few other worth visiting temples located very near to Naila Jangir town. These are Adbhar Devi Temple, Madanpurgarh temple (Devi Temple) and Pithampur (Shiv temple).

Transportation in Naila Janjgir

Naila Jangir town has a pretty efficient transportation system in place. There are more than decent number of auto rickshaws to take care of its local transportation demands. Thanks to them local commuters here hardly have to struggle to get auto rickshaws from any part of the town. Coming to connectivity, then Naila Jangir town enjoys amazing connectivity. This is mainly thanks to Naila Railway Station (also known as Jangir Naila Railway Station). Owing to its connectivity to many far across cities Naila Railway Station is certainly one of the most important railway stations of Chhattisgarh state. If we’ve to name few of these cities, then they are Mumbai, Delhi, Shalimar (West Bengal), Tata nagar, and Trivandrum. Besides, this station is also connected to all the important cities of Chhattisgarh state.Last but not least, National Highway No 200 also passes through Jangir town. This National Highway connects Chhattisgarh state to Odisha state.

Banking services in Naila Janjgir

Today Naila Jangir town enjoys presence of many reputed banks. This is surely an encouraging number for ambitious town like Naila Jangir. As for what positive impact all these banks have had on this town, then over past few decades this town has witnessed unprecedented growth in bank account holders and also credit growth in local economy.

Oriental Bank Of Commerc
Address: Mlt Complex, New Champa Road, Janjgir, Chhattisgarh, Janjgir, Chattisgarh, Pin-495668
IFSC Code: ORBC0101896
Phone no: 9893613334

State Bank Of India
Address: Naila Road, Janjgir, Janjgir Champa – 495668
Phone no: +(91)-7817-722235

Safety and security in Naila Janjgir

A local police station operates in Janjgir town to keep a complete tab on law and order situation of this town. To pursue this task Janjgir police station takes all the necessary preventive measures, just like all other local police stations do. This invariably ensures that criminal elements don’t find any breeding ground here. And going by stable law and order and low crime rates prevailing in this town, we can safely conclude that Janjgir police station is doing a pretty fine job.

Naila Janjgir in a glance

Country: India
State: Chhattisgarh
District: Jangir Champa
Population: Approximately 40,561
Pin code: 495668
STD Code: 07817
Famous tourist destination: Vishnu Mandir

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